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Artist Roadmap To Success

Are you an artist looking to get started in the music industry? It can tough to know where to get started. There are a lot of moving parts to becoming a successful and known artist in the industry, it's not just about releasing music and hoping for the best. Take a look at our artist roadmap to the Walk of Fame.

Becoming a Successful Artist

  1. It takes more than just laying down vocals to create a great track. Every top hit incorporates an expert combination of song-writing, professional recording, mixing and mastering. Quality, stream-worthy tracks have hundreds, if not thousands of dollars behind them supporting the perfect texture that you hear. Every top-hit you hear on the radio has been through multiple song-writers, producers, engineers and top tier creatives. Invest in post-recording and get your tracks mixed & mastered.

  2. Some artists prefer to release one track or, single, at a time and push that single track via marketing and social media. Some artists prefer to record a full project or EP and release all tracks at once. Why does it matter? It’s important to understand your goal with the tracks you are working on in order t o budget for the project. Budgeting for a single can be much different than a full project. You also may consider if you would like to focus on streaming and plays, or live shows and tours. Both can be lucrative.

  3. In the digital age, it’s vital to have a visual component to your music. The first thing you will do is post about the song for your followers to see; but you can’t post without a photo to post with it. Whether it be short videos of key lines from your song, music videos with drone footage, or a photoshoot for our album cover, you can’t market a song without it. It’s important to have graphics and logos designed and on hand to help build your following, and eventually turn that into merchandising and sales.

  4. You are not the only one trying to make it big in music... Especially not today. With the amount of content that is available at everyone’s fingertips so easily, it’s important to understand that you have to put marketing dollars behind your music. This means paying to have your songs on playlists, promoting posts on social media and getting your song on the radio.

  5. Network, Network, Network! In order to grow your audience and expand as a musician, it’s vital to make connections in the industry and meet other artists. Take the opportunity to get your name out there in interviews, show slots, features, and articles!

Need to help getting started with marketing?

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