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Choose your pricing plan

  • Bronze Artist Pack

    Every month
    Perfect for the beginner Artist
    • 1 dedicated (2 hr) recording session in Studio B each month
    • 1 reserved Mix/Master each month
  • Silver Artist Pack

    Every month
    For the artist who is ready to take the next step
    • 3 dedicated (2 hr) recording sessions in Studio B each month
    • 1 reserved Mix/Master each month
  • Gold Artist Pack

    Every month
    This is for the serious artist/band ready to lock in monthly
    • 4 dedicated (2 hr) recording sessions in Studio B each month
    • 2 reserved Mix/Master each month
  • Bronze Producer Club

    Every month
    Ready to grow? Use our professional grade studios to produce
    • Your Choice of:
    • 10 Hours studio A time reserved each month
    • OR
    • 13 Hours studio B time reserved each month
  • Silver Producer Club

    Every month
    Perfect for emerging producers who need space to create
    • Your Choice of:
    • 15 Hours studio A time reserved each month
    • OR
    • 20 Hours studio B time reserved each month
  • Gold Producer Club

    Every month
    Great for producers who want to bring in clients for profit.
    • Your Choice of:
    • 25 Hours studio A time reserved each month
    • OR
    • 30 Hours studio B time reserved each month

Recording Studio Memberships

Looking for a professional recording studio to record and mix/master all of your musical sessions? Sound Valley Studios offers memberships so every artist or producer can have a space to work in as they record music each and every month. Our studio recording sessions vary on length, how many you get, and price depending on the membership you decide to purchase, so browse all of our options to find out what's best for you.  

Bronze Memberships

If you're new to the industry—whether you are a musician or producer— one of our starter memberships is perfect. Our Bronze Artist and Bronze Producer Club membership will help you grow as you begin making a name for yourself! These are the perfect recording studio memberships if you want to learn a bit about the industry before deciding if it's the career for you. You can record each month, or use our rooms to produce while you build your repertoire.   

Silver Memberships

Our Silver Artist Pack is ideal for any artist who's already dipped their toes in the industry but wants to continue flourishing. This is your passion, and with a Silver Artist Pack, you'll be able to continue pushing forward and make your craft known to the world. Our Silver Producer Club provides producers at a similar step in their career journey by reserving time in one of our studios for you to work.  

Gold Memberships

With a Gold Artist Pack, artists will have four recording studio sessions every month dedicated to recording your music. And the Gold Producer Club allows producers to work with their clients in a professional setting as both the client and producer make a name for themselves, on a more frequent and consistent basis.  

Buy Your Membership

Decide which of our memberships is best for you! You can cancel your membership at any time with 30 days notice, or switch levels by visiting your member profile page. Call us directly for help booking. Credit/debit card is required. Credit/debit card will be charged the full amount of membership on the day of purchase, and subsequently on that same day each month thereafter, unless plan is cancelled. 

Contact Us

If you have questions about our Artist Packs or Producer Clubs, please contact us for assistance. You can get in touch with us by calling 402-560-8291 or emailing

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