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It's Gonna Be May!

It's been a busy year at The Valley and we're gearing up for our biggest summer yet! Here's whats been happening around the studios:

Beats 4 Feet

Our event, Beats 4 Feet, was a MASSIVE success! Thanks to our generous clients, we were able to collect over 600 Pairs of new socks and more than 40 new pairs of shoes! We spent the day with 24 talented artists performing, massages, customized drinks and an extravagant dessert truck. We can't thank the community enough for showing out for this event! Check out this recap below! Have FOMO after reading that? Keep your eye out for our next event, see you there!

Our Team is Growing

We stay busy and our team is growing with us! We have a hot lineup of engineers, photographers and videographers from across the US. Our engineers are artists themselves, so they understand your vision and will help you achieve the perfect sound.

Coming Up At The Valley

It's heating up in Phoenix and we have hot new deals and events coming up! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @soundvalleystudios to be the first to know about about our monthly specials and flash deals!

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