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Ranked #1 Studio in Phoenix 2023!

We are excited to share that we were ranked #1 Studio in Phoenix by the Phoenix Review!

The Phoenix Review took at a look at the studios in Phoenix and use this criteria to rank Phoenix studios:

Here are some of the nice things they had to say about us:

"Sound Valley Studios is a full-service studio where musicians and artists can come to record, create music, shoot photos and videos, and make visual art.

We think this place would be a great option for those who are not only looking to record, but to produce other materials such as music videos and album art.

The great thing about this studio is that it’s managed by artists. And because of this, they’re able to anticipate customer preferences and internalize their needs."

Check out the full article here.

Huge thank you to all of our incredible customers who have left reviews and given us a shout out!

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