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What Makes Sound Valley Different?

Sound Valley Studios was created with more than just recording in mind. We can help individuals throughout the entire creative process with things like beat production, song writing, mixing, and mastering. Once we have created to perfect sound and track, our photo studio is available for photo shoots and our photography and videography team stand ready to make your visual outlook into an incredible reality.

We Take Our Time

We don't try to rush you into recording, mixing, and mastering in one short session. During your recording sessions, you will work one on one with your recording engineer to achieve the perfect sound. Once the artist is happy with the sounf, our engineers will take their time to craft each track to be top notch quality for your releases.

After You Record

Not sure what to do next? Allow one of our specialists to mix/master your track. This is a separate session, allowing us enough creativity, time, and energy to produce an amazing finished song.

We also have experience in the business side of music industry and understand the placement process. We can discuss a marketing strategy and package, photo/video shoot for promotion, and create a music video to help with branding.

We also hold many connections in the industry internationally, in the US, and throughout the Valley which grants us premiere access to show spots if you are looking to perform live. This also allows you to have chance to have prime advertising placements. Have an idea? We'll help you bring it to life. We want artists and the music industry to thrive in the Phoenix Valley and we're here to help you build every step of the way!

More Than Music