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What's Included

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Here's what you can expect to take home with you after your session:

Recording session

After your recording session, your track will be uploaded to Sonido, a music software system and you can download the .wav or mp3 track from there. The track that you get after your sessions is the rough track. This will be your audio over the beat that you bring to the session. It will not be mixed or mastered, so it will not be a finished product!

Want your track mixed and mastered? We got you

Mix & Master

When you book your mix/master session you will receive three versions of your track back:

1) Complete mix&master

2) Radio Edit

3) Live Show Edit

You are welcome to come to the mix/master session and sit in while the engineer is working, but it is not required.

*Mix & Masters are paid for per song, not per session.

Are you thinking to yourself, "Do I need a Mix/Master?"

The answer is probably, yes. When you add your audio recording to the beat the levels won't match and it won't sound smooth or in sync.

-The process of mixing starts with adjusting each individual sound to bring out the best part of your beat and your vocal recordings. Our engineers are cleaning each individual sound and focusing on making sure each sound is perfected on it's own. With the mix our engineers will sauce it up by adding effects like reverb, auto-tune, panning and automations.

-During the master, our engineers will look at the track as a whole rather than the individual sounds. This process makes the song sound 'finished' and adjust the track levels as a whole. This means that no matter where you are releasing your music, everyone will be able to download and play the track no matter what streaming service or device they're using!

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