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How to Prepare For Your Recording Session

Want your session to run smooth and spend the most amount of time in the booth? Here is what you need to know to have a successful session:

-Have your beat ready

You can email, airdrop, text, WeTransfer, send a link to a DropBox or Google drive. We can take your beat pretty much whatever you way you want.

Your recording session time does not pause or extend for time spent finding a beat. Have it ready!!

-Show up on time

We are ready to work from the minute you book your session to the minute it ends. We ask that you respect our time and as we do yours and show up to your session on time.

You arriving late does not mean a reduced price or extended hours!!

-Have your lyrics ready

If you are an artist who has their lyrics written before the session, it's best to have the majority of your lyrics written and with you when you show up. Our engineers will help bounce ideas for lyrics and what sounds best to make the most fire tracks, but that doesn't mean spending the time to help you write a whole track. Coming to freestyle? We're ready for you too!

Need help writing a track? No problem, go ahead and book a time collaborate on that too: Book Songwriting

-Bring extra $ for your Mix & Master

Your recording sessions includes recording. Because our engineers take so much time to finely tune your songs, the mix & master process is a separate booking. You are welcome to join the engineer while they work on your track, but usually they will work on the track individually and send you the file upon completion.

If you plan to release your songs on any platform, you definitely want your songs mixed and mastered. This process helps your song sound crystal clear and will complete with the top tracks of the moment.

Learn more about the process & book here: Mix & Master

Have Questions: DM us on social media or Call/Text us at (402)-560-8291

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