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Producer Club

Are you a producer or engineer in The Valley without a place to work your magic? By joining our Producer Club, you gain access to all of our equipment and space to work on your art. How does it work? As the producer you pay one monthly fee based on how much time will use. You will have an intro session with our engineers to introduce you to our gear and systems and get to know the studio staff, then you can book your time and bring artists to record and work with at the studio! The best part? You can charge your clients however much you want and make money doing what you love.

Bronze Memberships

If you're new to the industry and aren't sure how much time you will need, one of our starter memberships is perfect. Our Bronze Producer Club membership will help you grow as you begin making a name for yourself! This is the perfect studio memberships if you want to learn a bit about the industry before deciding if it's the career for you. Your Choice of:

  • 10 Hours studio A time reserved each month


  • 13 Hours studio B time reserved each month

Silver Memberships

Our Silver Artist Pack is ideal for any artist who's already dipped their toes in the industry but wants to continue flourishing. This is your passion, and with a Silver Producer Club

membership, you'll be able to continue pushing forward and make your craft known to the world. Your Choice of:

  • 15 Hours studio A time reserved each month